Bespoke Tailoring

At Stewart Christie & Co. we are often asked, what does “bespoke” mean?

In classical tailoring terms, bespoke denotes a hand tailored piece made for an individual, by an individual. A bespoke pattern is created exclusively for each client- the entire garment is measured, cut and sewn to the specific requirements of the customer. In this way, bespoke is not to be confused with “made to measure” items, in which a stock pattern is modified to fit.

By nature bespoke tailoring carries with it the qualities of uniqueness, individuality, craftsmanship, collaboration and sustainability. We like to think of it as the journey and development of a garment from weaver to wearer. Bespoke tailoring is ideally suited to a discerning customer who appreciates the nuances of the perfect cut and fit, and for those who find difficulty in buying clothes off-the-peg for practical reasons. Bespoke tailoring addresses all personal preferences, body shapes and sizes. 

We choose the finest cloth in tweed, worsted and flannel for our bespoke service. A full set of measurements are taken for an individual pattern to be created. All our bespoke orders are tailored and crafted in our onsite Edinburgh atelier by Stewart Christie's highly trained and experienced tailors and seamstresses. As one might expect, this process can take time. Bespoke tailoring is, after all, the antithesis of disposable fast fashion. 

As a rough guide, we estimate approximately 18 to 20 weeks for the completion of a bespoke order This varies depending on the volume of work we have to complete at any given time, and the number of fittings or alterations the client requires. Our bespoke service includes as many fittings as are required (most often three), with expert advice and a very warm welcome throughout. At Stewart Christie & Co. we pride ourselves on our cut and fit, ensuring you are well attired, without the superciliousness that is the bane of the tailor’s reputation.

Prices for garments created at our Edinburgh tailoring workroom start from £2,450 for a two piece suit, £1,950 for a jacket, and £2,400 for a velvet smoking jacket or formal evening wear. We cater for the whole family and offer a concierge tailoring service across the whole of Scotland.