Estate Tweeds

Estate Tweeds


Stewart Christie and Co. are tweed and cloth specialists and we cater to a large number of country and sporting estates both in Scotland and the north of England. We hold cloth on your  behalf on site in Edinburgh and are only too happy to travel out to your property to measure family members or new estate workers and to update measurements we hold on file.

We provide a full head to toe service, including a range of items such as: shooting coats, waistcoats, caps & deerstalkers, action back jackets (allowing ease of movement), plus 2's, 3's, 4's, or even 8's.

Full measurements are taken and kept on file for repeat orders or quick fill ins/replacements (wear and tear does take its toll, even with the stoutest tweeds). Our turn around time is approximately  6-8 weeks, and we will ensure you'll be fully kitted out throughout the season.

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