"The Art of Tweed" Book by Vixy Rae
"The Art of Tweed" Book by Vixy Rae
"The Art of Tweed" Book by Vixy Rae

"The Art of Tweed" Book by Vixy Rae

"After completing my first book last year about tartan, it felt only right, to set myself to the task of writing about tweed too, as it’s very much part of my every day life, it thankfully came very naturally to me, where as tartan was a tougher challenge and a lot of intense research.

I wanted to create two books, that would sit, side by side in harmony. And be around for a long time, so the approach was to make them timeless and interesting for all ages. My approach to tweed is and has always been respecting it’s tradition, whilst gracefully modernising and appreciating the craft and process that’s involved. I hope that in reading this book, you’ll firstly already be fond of the cloth and it’s wonderful heritage, and if not, it’ll give you an insight into the journey the cloth takes before it’s made up into a garment you may own. Thank you for your on going support and I hope you enjoy the book, as much as I did writing it."

Warmest regards - Author - Vixy Rae

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