A Secret Dram

A Secret Dram

Tailoring with a Secret Dram 

Nothing works together better than whisky and tweed, or rather a fine single malt and our bespoke tailoring. Both require time and knowledge to achieve complete perfection, along with an appreciation for the passion and the craftsmanship. At Stewart Christie & Co in recent years we have started the new tradition of offering our clients a ‘wee nip’ of uisge beatha. It is a very Scottish form of hospitality, which can also help on a few other levels, especially with shooting parties and the occasional nervous groom.

Whilst in lockdown we have been working on ways to refine and improve our store to enhance the customer experience, this has included an addition of a bespoke whisky cabinet discreetly hidden behind the main mirror in our refurbished gentleman’s fitting room. 

This purpose built cabinet has been constructed from the same oak used for whisky casks and has ten individually lit positions to display and capture the colours within the bottles. Six crystal tumblers will ensure each dram is presented and tasted in the most refined fashion.

We launched our finely crafted cabinet this month, made by Fred Fearn with the notable whisky writer and friend Charlie Maclean.

The occasion was to celebrate the top ten outstanding whiskies selected by the connoisseur himself, we would like to thank all of these brands immensely, who have kindly graced our cabinet with such enthusiasm for the collaboration. What more would you possibly want from a fitting, than a good whisky and tweed. By appointment only.

Tailoring for: Royalty, Nobility and Gentry since 1720, serving a dram since 2015.

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