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Made to Measure

What is Made to Measure?

“Made to measure” can be known as several things: ‘ready made to measure’, ‘personal tailoring’, ‘custom tailoring’ etc. The main difference between made to measure and bespoke is that the garment is machine made, using an adapted block pattern. Stewart Christie & Co offer a made to measure service in addition to our in house bespoke work room. We use a long established traditional manufacturer (based in Leeds in West Yorkshire, a traditional centre of tailoring and menswear manufacture) to carry out the work on our machine made garments.

Why Choose
Made to Measure

Made to measure can be a very effective way of ordering more personalised tailoring at a lower price point than bespoke, although it is not suitable for all body shapes. It is based on a “block” similar to that of high quality off the peg clothing. If you are lucky enough to fit the off the peg templates reasonably well, then made to measure is a credible option. A full set of measurements is taken, styling and detail is discussed with our knowledgeable staff, cloth is then selected and the order sent to the maker. If a fitting is required we will advise you of a time to come in after we have received the first make from the maker. The make up time is quicker than that of bespoke, running at approx. 10 – 12 weeks, including fitting. As a rough guide, made to measure prices average at £1,850 for a 3pc suit, £995 for a tweed jacket and £950 for a blazer.

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